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New Year’s Resolutions your dog would make!

By January 12, 2016February 28th, 2022Dogs

New Year’s Resolutions for Dogs!

It’s that time of year when we all start to think about what we want to change in the New Year. Many people make New Year’s Resolutions and set goals for the year ahead. While we were thinking about our resolutions at Dog Days Adventure, it got us thinking, if dogs could make resolutions, what would they be?

It’s interesting imagining what sort of things your dog would want to improve upon and the things they might want to do in the next 12 months. Here are some New Year’s resolutions we think some dogs would make if they could…

I shall learn to resist temptation and not steal food
Although dogs obviously want to eat food left out on the side, they know the consequences of stealing food. So they might try and make a concerted effort to do the right thing, even if they know on occasion they might not be able to resist temptation.

I shall find a way to sleep in my owner’s bed
Even dogs with the comfiest beds still want to sleep in their owner’s bed. It’s probably because they want to be closer to their owner and be able to snuggle up to them at night, but also because human beds tend to be far comfier. Therefore dogs will do all they can to be allowed up on the bed.

I shall go on dog walks in awesome places
Dogs can become bored of going on walks in the same place every single day. They probably dream of exploring different places with new smells and things to see. If dogs could, they would tell their owners to take them to lots of different places on dog walks, from the woods and parks to the seaside and in and around cities.

I shall not tear up my owner’s home when they are out and make them mad
Again, dogs know what happens when they chew their owners furniture and destroy their home. The understand that they will probably get told off when their owner gets home, but sometimes they just can’t help themselves.

I will take up a new activity such as ‘doga’ (dog yoga), agility or heelwork to music
Just like us humans, dogs like to try new things too. It’s good for dogs to have lots of different experiences and take part in activities that will provide them with mental and physical stimulation. Activities such as agility and dog yoga are great fun for dogs as well as being beneficial to their health.

I will perfect my puppy dog eyes
Dogs have learned that puppy dog eyes are the key to their owner’s heart. A perfected puppy dog eyes expression can often persuade owners to do anything. Dogs probably have an ongoing goal of improving their puppy dog eyes so that they can get more love, attention, walkies, treats and toys.

Other potential New Year’s resolutions that dogs might make include:
● I shall try to get along with the cat.
● I shall learn five awesome new tricks.
● I will try and have my friends over more often .
● I will try not to get anxious when my owner goes out.
● I will try not to eat things that aren’t good for me.
● I will try and see the world.
● I will continue to enjoy life and live in the moment .
● I will try not to wolf my food down without swallowing it.
● I will roll in as many muddy puddles as possible, because it’s so much fun.
● I will try and make my bone last forever because I always eat it too quickly, when really I want to savour it.
● I will protect my territory more by barking when anyone comes near the house
● I will try not to get into silly arguments with my doggy friends, and try and tolerate super annoying dogs.

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