Countryside locations

Acres of secure fields


Dog Days Adventure know from first- hand experience that dogs need company, mental and physical stimulation and exercise – and at times a walk won’t suffice to drain energy levels or a stay at day care facilities which are home based doesn’t provide the stimulation they need.

Dog Days Adventure with its structured activity centred around walks, games, swimming, undivided human attention, will guarantee your dog is tired and content at the end of his day in the country.

For some dogs that can only be walked on a lead due to poor recall, Dog Days Adventure day care service provides the perfect and safe solution, as they will be able to run off lead securely in our fully-fenced fields.

We understand that every dog is unique and will ensure that dogs enjoy their day out with us, whether they want an active day or want to enjoy some quality chill out time! Games and ample exercise are provided for high-energy breeds such as terriers and spaniels, whilst for our ‘moochers’, the field is their oyster with comfy beds for a quick dog nap!

All dogs are constantly supervised and given one on one time with walks off site if required.

Dog Days Adventure accommodates all seasons with ease – warm and heated stables in the winter with paddling pools, gazebos and swims in the summer!

With our all in one service including pick up and drop off from your home in fully fitted crated vans , your dog couldn’t be in better hands.

Dog Days Adventure Timetable

8.30am to 9.30am

Pick up from home

10am to 11.30am

Fun begins at Dog Days Adventure

Newbies introduction to the pack

Play, games (ball, Frisbee, basic agility, walks

11.30am to 12pm

Relaxation time for those who want to!

Otherwise more fun, games with doggy pals

Lunchtime for dogs and rest time for puppies

12pm to 2pm

Did we mention games, play and swimming?!

2pm onwards

Quick wash and towel dry as we don’t like dogs to go home muddy!

3pm onwards

Tired dogs in vans, homeward bound

3.30pm +

Dogs safely home, sleeping the afternoon away!

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