How will I know if my dog is suited to day care?
As we are very experienced in looking after dogs and their needs, we will be able to assess if your dog will enjoy the Dog Days Adventure set up and provide you with honest feedback. It does sometimes take a few sessions before your dog settles into the routine…or five minutes!
Either way, we want your dog to have a fun and happy day.

How are new dog introductions handled?
We introduce new dogs into the group slowly, allowing all our current dogs to say ‘hi’ through the gate and bring the dog in to meet and greet when they feel comfortable to do so. We then walk the dogs as a group and observe interaction.
As all our dogs are non-aggressive and sociable, the new dog is always made to feel welcome and soon forgets they are the ‘new dog on the block!’

Will you train my dog?
The emphasis at Dog Days Adventure is on fun activities, play and games. We believe in positive reinforcement to train dogs and use clickers to mark and treat for good behaviour and manners.

My dog is not neutered, can he attend day care?

All male dogs attending Dog Days Adventure must be neutered by the age of 12 months.  Unneutered males risk destabilising the pack, so for their safety and that of the other dogs in our care, we ask that dogs are castrated by this time or they will not be able to attend our facility.

Bitches in season cannot be accommodated at day care.

What happens if my dog is injured?
We will always contact you and if it is an emergency, will take your dog to the nearest vet in Ripley for treatment. Our team are qualified Pet First Aiders.

Can I visit the Dog Days Adventure premises?
Yes naturally and we welcome your visit. Please call us to make an appointment!

What does my dog need to bring with him?
Nothing is the short answer! However, if you require us to feed your dog, please provide a packed lunch and instructions for feeding.
All dogs must be micro-chipped and have an identity tag on their collars. We recommend quick release collars for all dogs.

Do you accept ad hoc bookings?
We have limited availability for ad hoc bookings.
We believe from experience that dogs benefit from attending day care on a regular basis – socialisation like any skill requires practice and the more dogs have the better socialised dogs become! We would ask that owners commit to at least one session per week.

Do I need to be in when you pick up my dog?
No only if you want to be! We ask you to provide us with a set of keys during the enrolment meeting. These are held securely at our premises and identified only with your dog’s name.

How can I book?
You will be given a login and you will be able to book on/pay using our online booking system.

Are you insured?
Yes we hold public liability insurance and are fully insured.