Dogs are accepted at Dog Days Adventure after a behavioural assessment on site to see how they fit in with the dogs at our centre and more importantly, enjoy the environment and facilities of Dog Days Adventure.

Dog Days Adventure will visit you and your dog in your home prior to their first day to discuss your dog day care needs, answer your questions,  meet your dog (s) and take your through our enrolment procedure and forms. Please note a one-off non refundable enrolment fee will be payable before your dog joins us.

We accept puppies from the age of 3 months, providing that male dogs are neutered by the age of 9 months.
Unfortunately, we are not able to accept unneutered males or bitches in season at our day care facility.

Due to the ‘pack’ environment at Dog Days Adventure and the group activities that we undertake (such as ball games, Frisbee throwing to name but a few) , we cannot accommodate dogs with aggression issues towards other dogs, humans or dogs that have toy/food possession issues.

Please find below for easy reference our enrolment and agreement forms together with our terms and conditions.


DOG DAYS ADVENTURE agreement form

Terms and conditions – Dog Days



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