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About Us

Our experienced team at Dog Days Adventure are committed to providing the best possible care for your dog. All experienced dog handlers, they are united by their passion and love for dogs…and your dog.



Dog Days Adventure was started in 2011 after 8 years of dog walking experience, and a lifetime experience of growing up with a menagerie of animals!
Setting up and developing the daycare centre has been amazing! It is great to see so many breeds and sizes of dogs socialising together and enjoying their day care days with us. Our team are fantastic and are always around to make sure each dog gets individual attention throughout the day and they (and we) think it’s a pretty cool place to work.
Living in Surbiton with two rescue dogs, Lexi (Kokoni cross from Cyprus) and Chico (Chihuahua), as well as 3 rescue cats. This leaves just enough room for a husband and two sons!... and don't forget about the horse, Fleur!
Always being asked "which is your favourite breed... I have to say "Rescue" or "dog". Although I am quite partial to smaller breeds as they are the cheekiest, Chico being no exception!"


Day care Supervisor

Heidi is our Day care Supervisor.
'I love working at doggy day care as no day is ever the same. Always surrounded by lots of great dogs with different personalities and doing different activities with them. It’s great seeing how dogs develop in confidence and form friendships.
I have two dogs, Marney a Collie x Jack Russell and Poppy, a Lakeland x Patterdale.
My favourite breed of dog is the Collie for its intelligence and loyalty'.


Area Manager Woking

Christine is our Area Manager in Woking and is responsible for all our lovely dogs in Woking, Send and Ripley.
She has a magic touch and brings order into everything we do at daycare!
‘It’s great playing with all the dogs and seeing what a lovely time they have. Where else can you go to work and get such a warm welcome with all the dogs running to see you! I love labradors but have a soft spot for spaniels’


Daycare assistant & driver

Ian is one of the newest members of the Dog Days Adventure team.
'I love working with dogs young and old, it's so rewarding. All the breeds, whatever their size develop, play and gain confidence. And being outdoors is great.
My favourite dog is the beagle, for their lovable but naughty and independent nature.'


Daycare assistant & driver

‘I have worked for Dog Days Adventure for quite some time and am always amazed at the different breeds that come to day care. They all have their quirks and distinct personalities. I have a labrador called Woody and must say they are my favourite breed!’


Day Care Assistant & Driver

' I love dogs and always have done. At Dog Days Adventure I am part of a brilliant team who ensure that every dog who spends the day is well looked after. The dogs always find a way to raise a smile and keep me on my toes. My favourite breed is the Weimaraner as they can be goofy'.


Daycare assistant and driver

'Working at the daycare is brilliant, I love getting to know the personalities of the different dogs and watching them have fun with their friends. My favourite breed is the Flat-coated Retriever because they are a bit goofy and very friendly.'


Daycare assistant & Driver

'I love working at daycare as all dogs have such unique personalities and have so much love to give. Seeing the dogs have so much fun makes even the rainy days full of sunshine. My favourite breed of dog is the German Shepherd as they are so loyal, but I have a soft spot for rescue dogs as they are very loving.'


Daycare Assistant and Driver

'I absolutely love working at daycare. Everyday I wake up with a smile on my face as I know I get to hang out with so many cool dogs. My favourite breed of dog is the Shih Tzu...Please let there be more Shih Tzus at daycare!'


Daycare Assistant and Driver

'Working at day care is by far the best job I've ever had. I love being greeted with wagging tails in the morning and getting to know all dogs individual personalities. I adore all breeds. My favourite is the border collie for their athleticism and ability to learn quickly. I have my own Collie, Buddy.'


Daycare assistant & Driver

'I love working at day care as I am surrounded by dogs all day, always fun and never a dull moment. I love dogs for their different personalities and I have a soft spot for soppy Labradors.'


Daycare Assistant and Driver

'Working at day care is the highlight of my week. I don't have a favourite dog breed, I love them all as I think that all breeds have their own special personality and characteristics. I capture dogs in my artwork and there's always a constant source of inspiration.'


Day care Assistant and Driver

'I’ve always wanted to work with dogs and now that I do, I love it more than I ever thought. I love how all the dogs have different personalities. Golden retrievers are definitely my favourite breed, they’re always so happy and playful but I also have a soft spot for cocker spaniels.'


Day care Assistant and Driver

“I love being able to get to know all the different personalities at daycare and seeing dogs coming out of their shell and becoming hilarious members of the Dog Days Adventure pack.
My favourite breed is the Labradoodle because they always bring a bit of crazy to daycare, especially my own Australian Labradoodle Zac.”


Admin and Driver/Daycare assistant

'I love working at Dog Days Adventure with the team! Each day is different and it is amazing to work with all the different breeds and personalities. Seeing the dogs happy faces and enjoying themselves makes every day a great day. My favorite breed of dog is a spaniel as they have so much character and intelligence.'

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