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How to prepare your dog for day care

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How To Prep Your Dog For Daycare In The Autumn

Autumn is here and so is the mud and the rain. Not that your dog will mind or notice with all the fun they have at day care. There are a few things you can do to ensure your dog is prepared for the autumns and keeps the elements…and mud…at bay!
Coats, jumpers and onesies
A waterproof, padded coat is a good idea. It helps protect against the cold, wind and rain and keeps your dog warm. And with most of your dog’s body covered, the dirt stays on the coat and not your dog. Besides which, a dapper coat does make a fashion statement.

Onesies are all the rage at the moment, but for dogs? Well yes, dogs can also benefit from them too. Usually made from waterproof material, dog onesies cover and wrap the dog so that only their head and paws are showing. Brilliant for keeping mud off long fur and keeping chills at bay.

Some of our dogs with smooth, short coats such as Weimaraners, Italian Greyhounds and Pugs can get the shivers. A cosy jumper can make a big difference so they can stay toasty.

Regular haircuts
It’s important that if your dog has a longer coat that they get regular haircuts. If they are sent to daycare with very long hair it is likely to get more tangled and matted in the mud. Make sure your dog has regular trims to keep their coat at a manageable length.

Brushing your dog is essential no matter what time of year it is. However, your dog’s coat can get extremely wet and dirty in the winter which means it’s more likely to build up debris and get tangled. Your dog’s coat will be much more manageable if you brush it on a daily basis. Brush your dog before they go to daycare and also when they get home, a perfect bonding experience.

Nails and pawpads
Have your dog’s nails regularly cut by your groomer or vet and trim the hair underneath their feet. If the hair gets too long between their paw pads it can matt and gather dirt, snow and ice in the winter.

Rest assured, even with the wettest of winters and muddiest conditions, the team at Dog Days Adventure will do their best to send your dog home looking clean and smelling great, all part of our regular service.

Maggie Westie

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Maggie joined the DDA pack at 12 weeks and followed Archie, her Dog Days Adventure housemate, in January 2015. She was probably the tiniest puppy we have had in our care…and probably true to say, the most demanding!

As it was too cold and wet for Maggie to be outside for any length of time, the team set Maggie up with her own puppy suite and covered bed in the office. After short spells of supervised outside play and interaction, Maggie could nap in her puppy pen.

Gradually, time outside was increased and Maggie was introduced to the main field on a flexi lead so she could gain in confidence but be safely by the carer’s side.

Now aged 5 months, Maggie is a confident little pup and interacts with all breeds and sizes with ease.