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Reasons to get a rescue dog instead of a puppy in 2016

By February 1, 2016February 28th, 2022Dogs

Why You Should Get A Rescue Dog Instead Of A Puppy in 2016

We have had lots of puppies come into day care lately, and we obviously love spending time with adorable little pups. However, owning a rescue dog can be just as wonderful and even more rewarding than having a puppy.

So many dogs in the UK don’t have loving homes, and there are thousands of dogs waiting in rescue centres around the country or even further afield.  Dog Days Adventure has 4 Greek and Cypriot rescue dogs and they are well socialised and a pleasure to look after. If you are currently thinking about getting a dog, it’s definitely worth at least considering rescuing a dog instead of buying a puppy. Here are some reasons why owning you should get a rescue dog in 2016.

You will be doing a good thing
Obviously one of the main reasons to rescue a dog is that you will be doing a good thing. Why buy a puppy when there are so many lovely rescue dogs waiting for someone to give them a second chance?

Some rescue dogs have had a traumatic and tough start to their lives, and want nothing more than a safe home where they can begin to enjoy life. By getting a rescue dog from a rescue centre you will also be freeing up space for another dog to be saved.

Having a rescue dog can be very rewarding
Those who have had rescue dogs will know just how rewarding bringing these dogs into your lives can be. Some dogs can end up making a complete transformation, going from not trusting humans at all, to learning that people really aren’t that bad. One thing’s for sure, you definitely learn a lot when you take on a rescue dog, about yourself and also about canine behaviour.

When you start to see changes in the behaviour of your rescue dog, and watch them grow into a well-mannered, happy companion, you will be very proud. There is a common misconception that all rescue dogs are trouble, but a lot of dogs are rehomed through no fault of their own. All you have to do is find the right dog for your circumstances, and there are plenty to choose from.

Older dogs aren’t as much work as puppies
A lot of people have no idea just how much work a puppy is. It’s a huge commitment. You have to train a puppy from scratch and looking after a puppy will take up a lot of your time and energy.

If you don’t want a young pup, you can get a slightly older rescue dog which has already been given basic training and doesn’t need to be toilet trained. Of course some rescue dogs can be more difficult to train, but on the whole, puppies are far more demanding and a bigger commitment.

You will develop a very special bond
It’s difficult to understand this until you have experienced it for yourself, but the bond you develop with a rescue dog is extremely special. Perhaps it’s because you know you have a dog in your care that could have had a very different life.

Puppies are expensive
Puppies, especially some breeds can be very expensive. Sought after, designer and rare breeds of dogs can cost up to £2000. Rescue dogs usually cost between £100 and £300, which is a much smaller investment. Usually the money you pay for your rescue dog barely covers what it cost the rescue centre to care for your dog.

You could save a dog’s life
You never know, by getting a rescue dog you could end up saving a dog’s life. Whether it’s the dog you adopt, or the dog that gets your dog’s space in the rescue centre. It’s comforting you know that you may have saved your dog from an unfortunate fate.

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