DaisyDaisy was rescued from a kill shelter in Romania. When she first came to us, it took 2 days to get her out from the bush in our garden. She was so nervous, she would physically shake if we went close to her.  We had to teach her to walk on a lead and how to interact in a family situation.

After forming an attachment with us, she has been incredibly protective and was aggressive towards anyone entering our house. She wouldn’t even let my husband kiss me or the children when he came home from work. She also had abandonment issues. She would cry and bark if I just went upstairs without her.

Going to daycare has taught her how to interact and play with other dogs and the children. She now goes out in the garden without me. She is also starting to trust other humans outside of our household. She knows she comes back to us at the end of each daycare session so that has helped with her abandonment issues. She is calmer and less anxious. She is still a nervous little dog but with the help of daycare things are definitely moving in the right direction