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Recommended dog daycare in Cobham, Surrey

Are you looking for help with a new puppy in Cobham or Stoke d’Abernon? Perhaps your dog would benefit from spending some time with some other four-legged friends? Or perhaps you need dog walking or a dog playschool to tire out your dog? You have come to the right place. Based in nearby Ripley and Ockham, Dog Days Adventure is a dog centre for dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes.

Dog Days Adventure is licensed by Guildford Council.  Their facilities include two secure and fully-fenced countryside sites for dogs to mix and play with shelters, gazebos, paddling pools, climbing frames, and trampolines.  Our dog day care activities include:

  • Structured games
  • Countryside dog walks
  • Puppy care and dedicated puppy enclosure
  • Dog collection and drop-offs
  • Swimming in an adjacent lake

All our services have been designed with your dog in mind. Whether you are at work and need a hand with dog walking, or you need help training a new addition to the family, we are the team to call.

For more information about our dog care facilities and services, please call us now on 07557 797917.

Why choose Dog Days Adventure for your dog?


  • We get to know your dog starting with a meet and greet at home, followed by an assessment on their first day with regular feedback from the team, so that you can be assured your dog is getting the most from their day.
  • We understand that sometimes life doesn’t run like clockwork and that you may need day care cover on days you wouldn’t normally. With our easy to use flexible booking system, simply book in and you pay for what you use, with no contractual commitments.
  • We have designated drivers in each area and we plan our routes so that your dogs’ journey time to the day care centre is reduced – giving them more time for adventures.
  • We love that dogs have such individual characters and different personalities. With our two sites, we can ensure that dogs get to spend their day with like-minded and compatible pals and promote a harmonious pack environment.

Puppy day care near Stoke D’Abernon

Bringing a new furry member of the family home can be really exciting but can also be hard work. We can help you look after your puppy soon as they are three months old and have been fully vaccinated. As dog owners ourselves, we understand how important it is that your dog gets the right care from the beginning and are properly socialised with other dogs.

We can help you care for your puppy in Stoke D’Abernon, Cobham, or the nearby areas, so you can get on with your daily life, knowing that they are in good hands. We have a group of friendly dogs that your pooch can get to know and play with and learn from, so your dog grows up happy amongst other dogs and people.

As well as socialisation, we can help with basic training and toilet training and we will always work closely with you, so your dog gets exactly what they need from their time with us. We work hard to give your puppy the best start in life.

1 dog

£ 30

per day
  • Pick up/Drop off Service
  • Games and Play
  • Social interaction
  • Clean and towel dry before drop off

2 dogsMost Popular

£ 48

per day
  • Pick up/Drop off Service
  • Games and Play
  • Social interaction
  • Clean and towel dry before drop off


£ 30

per day
  • Pick up/Drop off Service
  • Puppy Care and Socialisation Programme
  • Clean and towel dry before drop off

2 Hour Local ServiceMost Popular

£ N/a

2 hours
  • Pick up/Drop off Service
  • Games, Walks and Play
  • Social interaction
  • Clean and towel dry before drop off
  • Pick ups in Ripley, Send, Ockham, East and West Horsley, Woking and surrounding areas. We do not offer a 2 hour service in Kingston.

Dog Walking

£ 15

1 hour
  • 1 hour group walk
  • 2 dogs from same household: £25

Please note, for all our daycare services there is a one-off enrollment fee of £20 per dog. One day per week commitment required.

Why choose our KT11 dog centre and dog playschool?

There are many reasons to choose our doggy day care in Cobham.

  • Loads of space: Our two dog day care centres are set in beautiful countryside and are designed solely for dogs.
  • Accredited: We hold all the necessary accreditations and are licensed by Guildford Council.
  • Experienced staff: We have a small team of very experienced staff, who are dedicated, friendly, helpful, and courteous. Nothing is ever too much trouble for your dog. Check out our recommendations from happy owners.
  • Bespoke service: We know that like people, all dogs are individuals, and we can provide a tailor-made service, designed around their needs.
  • 24/7: We offer dog day care and dog walking around the clock and through every season. During the summers, our dogs go swimming and enjoy playing in paddling pools, whilst they spend plenty of time in heated stables during the winter. Read our blog about keeping your dog cool in the summer months.
  • Dog collection: Our service includes pick up and drop off in our fully crated and air-conditioned vans.
Doggy day care in Cobham

Regular or one-off dog walking in Cobham

Are you looking for a hand with dog walking? Whether you work at home and need one-off help walking your dog, or you are in the office and your dog needs regular dog walking, the team at Dog Days Adventure offers a 2-hour service in Cobham. Whatever your commitments, we can ensure your dog is well exercised and happier.

Our 2-hour service is two hours of fun, frolics, and exercise on-site, excluding travelling time. Our team is trustworthy, reliable, and friendly and we will take time to get to know your dog and their likes and dislikes, so they get the best out of their time with us. We match dogs by energy levels, age, and breed. We always like to meet you and your dog for a personal chat and we are always happy to collect and drop off your dog.

We have used Dog Days since our dog Sam was a puppy.

They are completely trustworthy and 100% reliable. They are all knowledgeable about and fond of dogs. Sam runs to the door raring to go when they call tail wagging ten to the dozen. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Thanks Dog Days Adventure. You do a great job.

Angela & Sam, labrador - East Molesey

Interested in Cobham puppy socialisation, dog walking, or other dog services? Please call our dog day care centre

If you have any questions about our dog day care or other dog and puppy services in Cobham, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We can be reached on 07557 797917 or via email at bookings@dogdaysadventure.co.uk