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Doggy day care for dog socialisation in Addlestone, Surrey

Have you been at home with your puppy during lockdown and are now wondering about the best way to socialise them? Does your dog need the company of other dogs because they are bored and lonely whilst you are out at work? Perhaps you need dog day care so you can get on with other jobs? Based near Addlestone, Chertsey, or Weybridge, we are a dog day school where you can drop off your dog for some fun and play.

We can socialise your dog whatever their breed, from cockapoos to collies, we welcome them all. We can also take puppies from when they are three months old, once they have had their vaccinations.

We will organise a range of activities to suit your pooch, according to their activity levels and general temperament.

Our team of dog-loving professionals will ensure your dogs’ happiness, health, and safety and their dedicated care is at the heart of what we do as a doggy day care business. We are highly experienced in dog management in groups, so we will be able to read your dog’s body language, ensuring your dog is comfortable.

We always communicate openly and honestly with our clients and dog owners, so we can feedback about your dog to ensure everything is right for them.

Dogs naturally socialise and are pack animals so our dog care service is ideal if you want them to have a few hours with other dogs running around and having fun. We are fully insured and licensed by Guildford Council.

For more details about our dog creche and work, please call now on 07557 797917.

The benefits of dog socialisation and puppy socialisation near New Haw

Why is it so important to socialise your dog or puppy near Chertsey, Addlestone, or Oatlands Park? Well-socialised dogs are happy animals who are easier to look after and have at home. Dogs who are not well socialised can often be nervous in new situations or when they are meeting new people.

Dog day care is an ideal solution for introducing your dog to a few new faces. Socialisation also reduces aggression and some dogs can be unpredictable when meeting others, so by facing lots of new breeds they can form positive relationships and have positive interactions. They will learn to not bark at or jump up at people they do not know.

Dogs who spend time interacting with other dogs and playing with them will be happier and healthier.  They will also be relieved from boredom due to a lack of physical exercise, which can result in bad habits and destructive behaviour. By exercising and being stimulated in doggy day care, your dog can come home feeling calm and relaxed. Read one of our dog socialisation case studies.

KT15 drop off and leave doggy care

Are you looking for dog walking in Addlestone or for your dog to be entertained whilst you are working? Our dog day care and local dog walking can be tailored around your needs. All you need to do is drop off your dog with us and we can organise a schedule that fits in with his or her needs. Our centres are very secure and are packed with toys to keep your hound entertained. Read our blog on keeping your dog cool in the summer months.

Dog day care in Addlestone: What are the session times?

Our dog day care drop off is from 10.15 to 10.30 at a central Ripley location, with pick-up at 2.30 to 2.45. This will give your dog plenty of time to have fun with us before you take them home. If you decide you would like your dog to come to us regularly, this can offer a great routine, so your dog has a rhythm and predictability to their day.

We will always give your dog a lot of love and attention, so you can have complete peace of mind that when they are with us, they will be treated as if they are one of the family. See our gallery for pictures of our regular visitors.

doggy day care near me - Doggy day care for dog socialisation in Addlestone, Surrey

We have used Dog Days since our dog Sam was a puppy.

They are completely trustworthy and 100% reliable. They are all knowledgeable about and fond of dogs. Sam runs to the door raring to go when they call tail wagging ten to the dozen. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Thanks Dog Days Adventure. You do a great job.

Angela & Sam, labrador - East Molesey

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Find out more about our dog playschool and dog walking services in Addlestone now by calling 07557 797917 or emailing bookings@dogdaysadventure.co.uk