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Puppy socialisation and dog socialisation in Guildford, Surrey

Are you looking for a secure, fun, and exciting doggy day care centre near Guildford, Godalming, or Merrow for your dog or puppy? Here at Dog Days Adventure, we understand that your dog is a key member of your family but it can sometimes be hard to find the time to give your dog the exercise and socialisation that they need. Our experienced team of dog-loving professionals will love your four-legged friend and give them the highest levels of care and attention.

If you struggle to find the time for dog walking, our dog creche is ideal for dogs of all ages, from three months, when they have had their vaccinations. It is essential that puppies, in particular, are well socialised when they are younger, to teach them about positive interactions with other dogs. We match dogs according to their temperament and needs. We take dogs of every breed, including the most energetic breeds who will benefit from lots of structured games, energetic walks, and swimming, to older dogs, who just require gentle exercise plenty of cuddles.

With our local dog school, we offer dog drop off sessions, where you can drop off your dog or puppy for a few hours of fun, exercise, and socialisation. You can pick them up a few hours later and they will be happy, relaxed, and contented.

To find out more about how we can provide your dog or puppy with what they need, please call now on 07557 797917.

Why choose our dog care drop off centre near Godalming?

When you have plenty of commitments, it can be hard to fulfil the needs of your dog or puppy. If you are based near Godalming, Guildford, or Merrow and your dog needs to let off some energy, our dog school provides the perfect space for them. We will ensure your dog returns to you contented, happy, and relaxed.

  • Flexible dog care drop off and leave based locally
  • Our grounds offer the perfect safe and secure environment for your dog to stretch their legs and socialise with other dogs
  • All dogs accepted from Jack Russells to Great Danes
  • Plenty of fun organised for your dog
  • Separate agility and play area for puppies
  • Acres of fully-fenced fields with gazebos, umbrellas, and paddling pools

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GU1 puppy socialisation: Why is it so important to socialise your dog or puppy?

Our puppy day care provides the perfect place for your dog to learn to socialise in Guildford. It is important that puppies are not over-exercised, so our dog care drop-off service allows you to bring them to us, get on with some jobs or other commitments, whilst your puppy enjoys important time socialising with other dogs.

Puppies are not born with the socialisation skills that they need as adult dogs, so it is very important that they are socialised early once they have had their second set of vaccinations, at around 12 weeks old. It is an important step and will help them grow up into a loving and calm companion, who is confident in new situations and when meeting new people and other dogs.

Our dog day care allows your puppy to meet new dogs in a positive and controlled environment. We will take care to introduce other animals to your dog slowly and will encourage safe play. See some puppy case studies.

doggy day care near me - Puppy socialisation and dog socialisation in Guildford, Surrey

We have used Dog Days since our dog Sam was a puppy.

They are completely trustworthy and 100% reliable. They are all knowledgeable about and fond of dogs. Sam runs to the door raring to go when they call tail wagging ten to the dozen. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Thanks Dog Days Adventure. You do a great job.

Angela & Sam, labrador - East Molesey

Dog care drop off in Guildford

We welcome you to drop off your dog in Ripley from 10.15am to 10.30am, before picking them up again at 2.30pm to 2.45pm.

We also spent time getting to know you and your dog. We will carry out an interview, followed up with a settling-in session, and regular feedback, so we can provide your pooch with the best service. We get to know they individual characters and will love your dog as if they are our own.

Call our local dog centre for dog care drop and leave near Guildford

Need help with dog walking or socialising your puppy or dog in Guildford? Call us now on 07557 797917 or email bookings@dogdaysadventure.co.uk